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Lily Dahab Huellas (Eng.: traces, pronounced: hueshas)

Tango and folklore, delicate poetic songcraft and Argentinean rock and pop – these are the widely diverging musical poles between which the many-faceted sound of Argentina unfolds. All of these sounds have left their traces in Lily Dahab’s colorful resume. On her new album Huellas , the Berlin-based vocal nomad, accompanied by her four-piece backing band, finds her way back to her homeland, in connection with jazz influences she uncovers her own personal and moving history of Argentina – all delivered with an exceptional voice that the Badische Zeitung newspaper described as “radiant honey”. Her cosmopolitan journey through life is the stuff of a travel novel: she grew up in Buenos Aires where she studied music, recorded a bolero album and set off on her musical carrier. After playing the leading role in “Cats”, Lily moved to Spain. In the nine years she spent there, she took on many further leading roles, among others as the gypsy Esmeralda in the contemporary stage musical version of Victor Hugo’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame” in Barcelona – the same role played by the Israeli singer Noa in Paris.

At this point, the lady with the enchanting voice and the captivating natural beauty goes through another paradigm shift. It was love as well as the vibrant creative music scene that drew her to Berlin. This is where she met the pianist Bene Aperdannier (jazzIndeed/Michael Schiefel, Jocelyn B.Smith, Jessica Gall), a musical partner and arranger with a keen eye for detail capable of setting her voice to delicate, subtle accompaniments. With the help of Bene and his quartet her debut album nómade was finished in 2010 and was soon afterwards nominated for the “German Record Critics’ Award”. Drawing upon her wealth of boleros and tangos, Argentinean songwriting and Brazilian bossanova, the album’s repertoire displayed a very personal touch, combining a jazzy crispness with languorous melancholy, fiery drama with passionate exuberance. “Bursting with charismatic radiance” (Hessische Allgemeine) ,”A voice like a kiss!” (Badische Neueste Nachrichten) , “Intelligent, melodious and sure of itself” (Jazzthing) , “Tempestuous!” (Rhein-Lahn-Zeitung) -“ these are a few samples of the praise heaped upon the album and the countless concerts accompanying it, some of which included her first appearances at big European jazz festivals. Lily Dahab has no problem convincing the audience with her inimitable vocal artistry: Effortless intonation combined with crystal-clear, transparent expression, ranging from gentle melancholia to enchanting fire, from arabesque rambling to delicate intimacy, sometimes all within the space of a few bars. Together with her dream team, Lily Dahab has now delivered a second musical chapter from her new home in Berlin. “Huellas” means “traces” – and it is these traces, genetic as well as emotional and musical, that Lily Dahab is now steadfastly following in the direction of her homeland. “When you choose or write a song, you touch something in yourself that has been waiting to be released, a sleeping volcano that is brought to life in the form of music”, she says. Lily has chosen an astounding collection of songs, all of which have a strong connection to her life: “Whether folklore or tango ” as different as the styles may be, they are all part of Argentina’s musical heritage. Every one of these writers has left his trace on my soul. I was singing their songs as a young girl, they were the soundtrack to my youth. And now I approach the songs in a more mature way”.

Huellas clearly radiates a subtle and multi-layered spectrum of Argentinean musical colour, it’s a moving tribute to a homeland left behind that will always be present in the soul – Lily Dahab has committed her entire passion, yearning, thoughtfulness and joy to its creation.